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Related article: Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2006 14:29:44 +1100 (EST) From: erica milligan Subject: after the islandThis is a story about Lesbian sex, it concerns a number of women, two of whom are young, but still of legal age, and two are older, in their mid thirties.The story is the property of Erica Milligan but I invite comments, offered in a nice way, that may help me write better stories for my, and hopefully, your entertainmentThe story was written for my own entertainment but I've decided to ask NIFTY to publish it on their site so that others may, if they wish, read it. That being the case, feel free to Porn Lolita Pedo down load it to your own computer or if you wish forward the story to friends for their own consumption, I hope you enjoy it. You should not claim the story as your own.The only restriction is that it should not be in a publication that's intended for profit.If you wish to contact me my e-mail address is:- . I promise that I will try my very best to answer you comments or suggestions that you care to offer. Erica Milligan.Things hadn't been quite the same since Madeline and I had returned from our little holiday to the island on the Great Barrier Reef. Whilst the holiday had been a limited success we'd returned home somewhat earlier than anticipated. Couple of reasons, I think, firstly Madeline had confessed that she was missing her mother and I was definitely missing my kids.Another thing, sexually we were both confused about our roles, under ordinary circumstances I would have been the one on the receiving end of Madeline's ministrations and that had happened. What was Porn Lolita Pedo confusing for me at least was the fact that Madeline had expected too much of me, perhaps as she'd said I was too greedy. On the other hand, perhaps Madeline, Porn Lolita Pedo in trying to make sure that I was well and truly satisfied, had tried too hard. Since we'd returned we'd continued to have sex both on Saturdays, at wherever the fancy took us, and Tuesdays when I'd stayed overnight with her at her place.Just what was missing wasn't clear to me, perhaps there were times when she didn't seem to be "with it" and often seemed to have drifted off somewhere. I knew that she'd had a fancy for Victoria the waitress at the caf� we used on Saturday mornings because on one occasion we'd been in there I'd seen her talking to Victoria and whilst they were chatting Madeline had held Victoria's hand and held it close to Victoria's groin, it didn't need to stray too much further to be between Victoria's legs. Got to say that Victoria didn't seem too distressed about the location of Madeline's hand, she seemed to be holding on to it quite tightly.Madeline had asked me if I could get tickets to see some "gay" entertainer that was appearing at LEZ BIAN caf� in a few days. The entertainer hadn't yet climbed the ladder of success so the tickets wouldn't be too dear. Knowing the owner of the caf� I had a better chance than Madeline of getting tickets before they ran out and apparently younger persons wouldn't be allowed in unless an adult accompanied them. Couldn't see the reason for that but apparently they are the rules. It would have appeared more reasonable to me if younger people weren't let in at all. The show tended to be quite vulgar.Madeline asked me if I could get a ticket for Victoria too, that meant that I'd have to get four because Florence had decided to come. So, I'd driven over there to collect the tickets a couple of days in advance and asked the proprietor to reserve decent seats for us. When the big night arrived I collected the girls from Florence's home, surprisingly that included Victoria too. Perhaps I should have been forewarned by her presence at Florence's place that something was afoot.You know, of course, that LEZ BIAN lives up to it's name and is almost exclusively a lesbian caf�/restaurant but on this occasion there were quite a number of homosexuals there, the entertainer apparently appealed to all gay people. Got to say that we all looked good when we arrived, got to put on a show when you attend something like that, you never know who else will be there. As it was, Alice was there, you'll remember her from the first time I'd been here with Tracey and she'd smacked me across the face when she'd caught me dancing with Alice. No drama this time though, I spotted her walking across the room, she may have been walking to the bar or the toilet, so I waved to her, not an invitation for her to join us, just a friendly greeting.The proprietor had saved us a very nice booth, as a matter of fact it was the same one I'd occupied with Tracey. The entertainer wasn't due to start his performance for a little while and whilst we were waiting there was music for dancing. Madeline asked me to dance but we were not as close as we'd been on previous occasions, yes, we were close but not close enough for me. Then there was a tap on my shoulder, it was Victoria and Florence excusing us, Victoria took off with Madeline and Florence took me. You know that I like Florence so it wasn't much of a problem. She was holding me quite close, so close that I could feel her breasts through her dress and I'm sure she could feel mine too. One thing about Florence is that she's not backward at coming forward so she had me in one of the darker areas of the dance floor where we couldn't be seen too well and I'm sure that her hand had moved itself closer to my breast. I'm easily excited so my nipples were starting to assert themselves, much to Florence's delight if the smile on her face was any indication.Unusually, the music continued on for quite a while so that Florence had me quite aroused when it finished and she led me back to our booth only to find that Madeline and Victoria were involved in a kissing frenzy. Not to be outdone, I took hold of Florence and started on her, much to her delight I must say and she involved herself with gusto. It was not too long before both Victoria and I, the "kissees" as opposed to the "kissers", were breathing quite heavily accompanied by Madeline and Florence's sighs. This was going to be an exciting night all round, I could see that, but what about the seating arrangements? I'd thought, naturally, that I would be sat with Madeline but recent events had rather confused things. Personally, now that Florence had got me all "steamed up" I was quite happy to stay with her for the time being but what would happen later in the night would be anybody's guess.The entertainer was quite good, his singing voice was pleasant and not too strident and when he started his comedy routine he had the audience in stitches even though his humour was a little vulgar. I didn't realise that Madeline and Victoria had understood some of the jokes, I thought they weren't old enough to understand them, obviously I have a lot to learn about the young. Perhaps I'd better start asking my daughter where she goes when she's out with her friends, one thing that relieved me was knowing that she couldn't get into this place.During the course Porn Lolita Pedo of the comedy routine Florence had laid her hand on my thigh, not close enough to "pussy" to cause any major problems but close enough to let it know she was interested. The lights were low so nobody could really see what was going on however, I could make out that Madeline's hand had pushed Victoria's skirt back up her leg to almost, but not actually, expose her panties. Looks as though I've just about lost my partner but because of Florence's attention I couldn't complain. Her hand had stopped just sitting there being idle and was now gently squeezing my thigh, very pleasant sensation but, it stopped short of what I now wanted.If I made a move with my thigh would she take the hint that I was looking for a move from her? Florence is nothing if not smart, she could take a hint and her hand was now in my crotch. I looked across to Madeline and Victoria but they were engrossed in their own activities. As I had expected it was Madeline that was setting the pace, her hand now inside Victoria's blouse, it was quite actively engaged in caressing Victoria's breasts. Good enough I thought, so I lifted Florence's hand to my breasts letting her know that what ever she wanted she could have, at that moment, however, the entertainer told a hilarious joke that made me splutter, I damned nearly spat in Florence's face. That didn't seem to distract her attention because her hand removed itself from my breast and moved to my pussy. As you all know, I never wear panty hose so the way forward was uncontested and she took advantage of the kind of knickers that I wear to slip her finger inside the little leg. It felt so good!!!!!!A potential problem could arise when we left the caf� because it seemed that we'd exchanged partners almost as a matter of course and whilst I was a bit disgruntled that Madeline had apparently given me the "flick" I couldn't complain with the company that I had now. When we arrived at the car Florence wasted no time in making it obvious that she was going to sit in the front with me and the other two girls in the back, I wondered if they'd discussed this between them because it seemed to be a `fait accompli".I could see what was going on in the back of the car whilst I was driving but when Florence's hand moved to my thigh I didn't have any need to worry about the youngsters, my needs would apparently be looked after quite nicely by Florence. The journey was about 40 minutes and Florence and I chatted about the show, we'd both enjoyed it although I had a little problem with the language the entertainer had used but Florence said that my language wasn't too good during intercourse either, unknowingly I used lots of four letter words too.When we arrived at Florence's house we all had coffee or tea, depending on our tastes, and when we'd finished it just seemed so normal, or usual, that Florence took me off to bed with her and Madeline took Victoria. On reflection, it seemed almost certain that from that point on my relationship with Madeline was effectively over and perhaps a new relationship with Florence had started.My relationship with Madeline had been troubling me because I really hadn't been able to see a future with such a young woman and so, despite the fact that she really excited me, I'd given serious thought to telling her that I wanted to end it. Could this be the right time and could I perhaps see a future with an older woman, Florence is a little older than me, and could Florence be the right woman?We had wonderful sex but I lay awake for quite a long time during the night wondering what I could say to Madeline in the morning but I needn't have worried because she came to me and told me that she was now in love with Victoria. My ego was hurt of course, I hadn't given any thought to the fact that she may want to "dump" me but thinking back, she'd been the dominant person in my life for quite a while and I suppose I should have expected that she'd be the one to say "it's all over".My future seems now to be very uncertain, or at least I thought so, but Florence had said I should know she wanted me and had since Madeline had first spoken about me, would I be prepared to be her girlfriend? Just at that moment I wasn't quite sure what I wanted but I couldn't see myself going through the rest of my life without sex, preferably with a woman, but, time alone with tell!!!!!!
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